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November 27, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

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1.  So…the new washer and dryer are here.

We went with the LG and they are beautiful.

I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, however, as soon as I got home from work and saw them, I realized our mistake.

All of the buttons and dials are on the front.

Within reach of Tiny.

Who has already forced the dishwasher to create new error codes for itself due to the constant button pushing of his little fingers.

Laundry room is right off the kitchen and the door has no lock, as it is a pocket door.

Gonna need a latch.



2.  I am totally digging Maroon 5’s “Just One More Night.”

It’s just stuck on replay in my head.

And on my iPhone.

Good song.

Stupid video, but good song.


3.  We have turned this place inside out and upside down and I can officially say that Monkey Girl’s iPod is just gone, gone, gone.

There is no possible way she lost it in the house, unless…

Tiny picked it up and threw it away.

And, if that’s the case, it’s in some landfill somewhere, entertaining the junkyard dogs.

I just hate the feeling that we don’t know where it is.

When she got it, she asked if she should have iCloud turned on and I, in my infinite wisdom, said “No…I don’t think you’ll need that.”

Guess what.

She does, if she wants to use “Find my iPod.”

So, it’s gone, she’s heartbroken, I’m heartbroken and pissed, and Real Man is just pissed.

We run the gamut of emotions, here, folks.


4.  The good news:  I’m typing this on Monday night and I’m actually pretty tired, which means I seem to be heading toward a Monday night full of good rest and not the usual Monday insomnia.

The bad news:  It’s 8:34, Tiny has been in bed for an hour, and he is still calling me through the monitor.  I went in about 40 minutes ago and rocked him for a bit, but it didn’t take.


5.  My friend, S.W. Hubbard just had her newest book published.

You’ll definitely want to check it out!

Another Man’s Treasure


6.  Countdown to love and awesomeness.

Kim is getting married this Saturday!

I’m so incredibly happy for her and cannot wait to celebrate this joyous day!

Yeah for Kim!


7.  Someone shared this on Facebook.



8.  You know how when a baby is having trouble falling asleep, and they are whining a bit, but not really crying, and then they are quiet for, like, three minutes, and for the whole three minutes you sit perfectly still, holding your breath?  Then, he/she cries, and suddenly you let out the breath that you were holding and you realize that maybe it’s a good thing they started crying again because you might have passed out because you didn’t realize you were actually holding your breath the whole time?  Yeah.  That’s happening here.


9.  I don’t really have a #9, but I feel like stopping at #8 is shortchanging the reader.

Like, it either has to be 5 or it has to be 10.

Unless it is like  “The Tuesday Two,” but seriously, why would you even bother with just two?

So, 10 it is because it just feels more right.


10.  My Draw Something app on my iPad tells me that I have 99 notifications waiting for me.

I haven’t played in months and I am afraid to open the app, at this point.

I just sorta ran out of steam with Draw Something.

I love words, so I’m still on top of Words With Friends and love Phrase Friends, as well.

But Draw Something and I had a brief, but fiery love affair, but it’s all fizzled out, and I’m left with the whiny app on my iPad that stares at me every time I turn it on, saying “C’mon, Amy…I’ll try harder…I can make you happy…I know I can.”

But you know what, Draw Something?  You can’t.  You just can’t.

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