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October 21, 2012

Morning Has Broken

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During the week, I leave the house so early, I don’t get to see the beauty of morning sneaking across my world.

By the time the sun is really up, I’m ensconced in my classroom, saying the Pledge of Allegiance with my class.

So, on the weekends, I try to make sure to notice what it is I’ve missed during the week.

And, wow…is my backyard gorgeous in the morning.

October 20, 2012


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Thursday night, Real Man and I had been hanging out and chatting before he had to leave for hockey, around 10 pm.

Eventually, he got ready to go and headed downstairs.

And came right back up.

“You have to come see this,” he said.

So, I got out of bed and followed him downstairs into the room we call either “the library,” “the reading room,” “the music room,” or “mom’s room.”

And there, curled up on the leather couch was Baby Monkey, sound asleep.

Baby Monkey has a history of sleep-walking, and we’ve always assumed it was something related to the nystagmus (eye shaking episodes) he has.

However, he can usually be found in the bathroom or in our room, and he has NEVER traveled the stairs.

So, to find him downstairs was more than a little disconcerting.

Real Man picked him up to take him back to bed (all the research we’ve done says it IS okay to wake a sleepwalker) and he woke up wild-eyed and confused.  We told him to close his eyes and go back to sleep and when we got him back to his bed, he was sound asleep, once again.

I, of course, didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

I started Googling sleepwalking and found some amazing things.

Did you know there are cases of people cooking a full meal while sleepwalking?

Of getting in their cars and driving places while sleepwalking?



My hope is that he outgrows this and that just because it’s progressed to stair walking doesn’t mean that next time it will progress to him leaving the house.

I’m certainly not going to lock him in his room, but maybe we’ll actually have to invest in baby gates for the first time.

Because, all I can think about is Baby’s little body, sprawled on the slate, stone floor of the foyer at the bottom of the stairs.

Because, I’m a world champion worrier.

So, I’ll be sleeping a little lighter (if that’s even possible) and eventually I’ll remember that it’s been months since he did this before, and it will likely be months before he’ll do it again, and all the research that I’ve done says that kids usually outgrow it.


October 19, 2012

Five Question Friday

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1. Where do you hide junk when people come over?

We don’t have a lot of “junk,” but I do move the piles of papers into a Rubbermaid drawer system that I got specifically for that purpose.

Everything else has a home and just gets put in it’s home.

2. Do political ads help you decide who you are going to vote for?


And, quite frankly, I’d be shocked if I heard that they help anyone decide on their vote.

They spend the majority of their time bashing the other guy.

I don’t want to hear what you think the other guy did wrong.

I want to know what you are going to do right.

In detail.

And I’ve never seen a political ad that does that.

3. What’s your favorite holiday party to host?

I’d have to say Thanksgiving.

Why, you ask?

Because of the leftovers.

That’s right.

I base my decisions on food.

4. You go to an island with your husband and can only take one personal item. What is it?

My inhaler.

But, let’s assume that I don’t have asthma.


Other than that…really can’t think of a darn thing I’d need.

I like talking to him more than talking to anyone else, and despite the fact that we’ve known each other for over 23 years, we haven’t run out of things to talk about yet.

I am so grateful to all of my readers, but let’s face it, if I was on an island with my husband, my priority may not be blogging, and I think we could all take a break from the news, so we wouldn’t need any electronics.

If it was pre-children, we could scrap the phone, as well, but if we were on vacation and the kids were with someone, I’d need that phone so I’d know they were okay.

So, pre-kids, just the sunblock.


Sunblock and I’d break the rules and also bring the phone.

5. If you found out your spouse was a Dexter style serial killer (only kills people to save others) would you rat?


I’ve never seen Dexter, (yes, there IS a television show I don’t watch) so I don’t really know exactly how the whole thing works, but if Real Man was killing bad people, I don’t know what I’d do.

How could I have someone in my home, with my children, who goes out and kills people?

And, is just leaving with the kids an option?  Would that make him think of me as a bad person and make me a target?

It’s more than a little ridiculous to even consider this question because I’ve never met a gentler soul than Real Man, but it definitely makes my brain work a little more than usual on a Five Question Friday question.

And maybe that’s why I’m having such a difficult time with the question because it’s unfathomable to me to be in that situation.

So, end result?

I have no idea.

I think I probably would, but it would break my heart.

Or, maybe I wouldn’t.


I don’t know.

October 18, 2012

You Just Have to Laugh

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I love a good election season.

I really do.

I love to debate issues and politics and can be a bit of a political news junkie.

However, there is nothing I love more than the humor in an election season.

I’m a pretty far to the left leaning liberal, but I am an equal opportunity political humor enthusiast.

Saturday Night Live during an election year makes me laugh until I start wheezing.

The Saturday after the vice-presidential debate was a pretty good one.

Here are some clips from that show.

And if you go back four years, there was nothing quite as entertaining as Tina Fey with her Palin impression.

Yet, it’s not just video humor.

Facebook is covered with photos with captions that make me smile.

My current favorite is this one:

Makes me laugh out loud every single time I see it.

Every. Single. Time.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am serious about what is going on in this country and I take this election very seriously, as well.

I think there is more at stake, this year, than has ever been at stake before, with a few historic exceptions.

But, when there is so much at stake and when the political tone is so heavy, I think we need to be able to laugh.

Laugh at ourselves, laugh at the other guy, laugh at the mess we’ve all (both parties) gotten ourselves into.

It doesn’t mean that we take it all lightly.

It just makes it more bearable to make it through these tough times.

So, debate and discuss and rant and rave as is your right to do.

Just don’t forget to laugh.

October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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October 16, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

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1. I have been watching Parenthood in the past few weeks.

Friends had suggested it ages ago and I just never got around to it.

So, I DVR’d the season premiere and have been hooked ever since.

If you want an honest, bold show about family relationships, this is it.

2.  I wonder if DVR will ever become a verb.

Like when I said, above, I DVR’d Parenthood.

Maybe in the slang dictionary.

Maybe if we all use it, we can get it to happen.

Like when Kim would go into bars and order the Rose Kennedy, which wasn’t really a drink, but she would pretend like it was, and tell them how to make it, in the hopes that it would eventually become a drink that bartenders all knew about.

Or, maybe not.

Because most people just say “recorded.”

3. On Saturday, Baby Monkey and Monkey Girl had friends over.

And, as always, I told them ahead of time to stick to their own parts of the house and not bother each other.

I just always have visions of them screaming “Mom!  Tell them to leave us alone!”

But, just like always, they all wound up playing together anyway.

They played Sardines, a backward version of hide-and-seek, for quite some time, and then did their own thing, then came back together again for some more play.

I don’t know why I worry, except my memories from childhood of girlfriends who had brothers involved a lot of yelling “MOM!  Make him leave us alone!”

My friends with sisters?

That didn’t really happen.

Erin and I used to play with her sister, Kristin, quite a lot.

Anyway, Monkey in the Middle eventually came home and I found myself thinking, “Wow…6 kids isn’t so bad!”

And then I dove back into the endless pile of laundry I was doing and thanked my lucky stars that I only have four.

4.  It’s candle season.

When it starts getting colder outside and darker earlier, it’s time to start lighting my candles.

I light them in the summer, as well, but not as often, and they just don’t have the same effect.

I find that low lights and candles make for a quieter home, as well.

It’s as if the low lighting makes the monkeys more…reverential?

Remember the experiment I did with eating dinner by candlelight?

Same premise.

It’s just another reason why I love this time of year.

As if I needed any more.

5.  These shopping carts?

A lot more fun in theory than in practice.

You need a commercial truckers license to wield one of these suckers around the store.

October 15, 2012

Going, Going, Gone

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As the Student Council co-advisor, I’m in charge of fundraising for our school.

We do fundraising in 6th and 7th grade to help raise money for those classes for the 8th grade trip and in 8th grade, we do fundraising to support a variety of 8th grade activities, as well as to provide financial aid for the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

I spend a great deal of time asking people for money and coming up with ways to make money for the kids.

Our annual Dinner and Sports Night is coming up at the end of the month, which is the evening where we host the teacher/student basketball and volleyball games.

In addition to a pasta dinner and the games, this year, we are auctioning off the opportunity to cut Mr. Bigas’s hair (one of our gym teachers).


My hair.

Yes, I am auctioning off the chance for a middle schooler (or their parent) to take a pair of scissors to my hair.

I’ve blogged before about the fact that I think that women put a lot of self-worth in their hair.

Bad hair days can mean bad days all around.

And I am setting myself up for the mother of all bad hair days.

However, I felt like I needed to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and put myself on the line to help raise funds for the 8th grade.

And it will grow back.


So, I’ve been researching short do’s.

Right now, this is the leader:

I realize I will have to style it to make it look this way, but I think, in general, it’s a cute cut.

I’m not going super short.

I did that once and cried for days that I looked like a boy.

I know a lot of people who can pull that off and I am not one of them.

However, as short as the picture above…I think I can do.

I’m always open to suggestion, however.  I have two weeks before the chop date, so if you come across any styles or suggestions that you think might work for me, share them here.  I can use all the help I can get!

October 14, 2012

Need Your Votes

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Don’t worry…I’m not about to get political on you.

Michaela has made a video and entered her kitties, Vuvu and Zela, in a contest at

If they win, they are donating the $5000 prize to the Clifton Animal Shelter in Clifton, NJ, which was their first home.

So, please, click this link, watch the video and vote every day!

Doesn’t cost you a thing!

Adorable video, great cause!

October 13, 2012

Scenes from Our Week

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I feel like I don’t take enough pictures of what goes on around here on a daily basis, so this week, I tried to remember to have the camera out a little more often.

So, here are a few scenes from last week.

It was a good one.

There was a lot of homework this week.  Some of it was regular old homework.

But, some of it allowed her to dream and create her fantasy bedroom.

Baby became fascinated with the calculator and it is his new favorite toy…

…second only to the cardboard boxes that were delivered to the house this week.

Monkey Girl had her first field hockey game.

Tiny went to jail.

Monkey Girl got her fur on.

And they are still playing with the boxes.

You’ll notice that Monkey in the Middle is largely absent from these photos, but that’s because if he wasn’t in school, he was pretty much at hockey or football practice every second of the day this week.

And, man, did that kid sleep well.

It was a good week.

October 12, 2012

Five Question Friday

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1. Did you have any homecoming traditions?

Yeah, homecoming isn’t really a big deal in our area.

So, no, no homecoming traditions.

However, I went to homecoming with my college roommate in Ohio and wow…that was something.

2. Do you ask your spouse before spending money?

On something enormous, like a car?


We don’t spend a lot of money in general, so it’s usually a moot point.

However, we’ll usually run something by the other like, “I need some more pants for work…I’m gonna run to the store.”

Yet, if we’re at the store and see something we need/want, we aren’t going to call each other to get it “approved.”

3. If you could be famous for something what would it be?

I’d love to discover something, but everything has pretty much been discovered.

I’d love if I could do something big and major for others, but I don’t think I’d want to be famous for it, because that’s kind of like doing a good thing just so others can think you’re a good person, and I’m not down with that.

So, I guess the most obvious answer would be that I’d love to be a famous author.

4. Have you ever seriously thought you were going crazy?

Not seriously, like, “I wonder if I should be committed” but yes in a way like “There’s too much going on right now, I can’t stop my brain, I’m going crazy.”

5. How do you eat your steak? Burger? (as in, well done, medium, still moo-ing…)

I like my steak and burger well, well, well, well, well done.

Burger like a hockey puck.

Steak – no evidence that it was ever alive.

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