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September 30, 2012

You’ll See

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“You’ll see.”

Two of my least favorite words in the English language

It used to drive me nuts, as a kid, when my parents would say that.

And now, my kids say it to each other all the time.

I find these words to be mental torture.

“Oh,” starts Monkey Girl.  “I want to show you something on my iTouch!”

“What is it?” says Baby Monkey.

“You’ll see,” she says.

“I reached an awesome level this morning on the xBox game!” says Monkey in the Middle.

“Ooh, tell me about it,” says Monkey Girl.

“I’m doing something else right now,” he replies.  “You’ll see later.”

They tease each other with little bits of information and then hold off on the reveal.

It drives me INSANE and I already know what it is that they are hiding.

I guess it’s a power play.

A way of saying “Na, na, na, na, na, na,” without doing the sing-song.

Even without siblings of my own, I know that this will pass.

But right now, it makes me nuts.

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