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September 18, 2012

Parkin’ It

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We had no school on Monday due to the Jewish holiday.

Happy New Year to my friends who celebrate!

I’ve been missing my kids like I’ve lost a limb since school started (although passing Monkey Girl in the hallway every day certainly helps) so I decided to make the best of the day.

We started with me making pancakes and the kids stuffing themselves full of them.

Then, we hit the park in a neighboring town.

It’s a park we frequent often, however, we didn’t go throughout the summer because parks + heat make us all grumpy.

We’re fall park people.

Which means, Tiny was in a stroller or carseat when last we hit this park.

He had a blast.

They all did.

We spent a good few hours there and then met Real Man for lunch.

Came home, did some laundry, Monkey Girl baked some cookies, big boys played with cars and Tiny took a nap.

Then, we drove Monkey Girl to voice lessons, and the boys and I hit another park.

No time for pictures there, as Tiny had figured out how parks are done and he was on the move.

We’re fortunate to live in an area that has so many amazing places for kids to play.


Side note: I’m typing this post on Monday night after the kids have already fallen asleep.

Baby just came in to tell me he had a bad dream.

What about?

A tornado.

I’ve always said this kid had a sixth sense.

(If you are confused right now, go back a few posts and find the one about all the dreams I’ve been having about tornadoes lately.  And, no…I did not discuss this with the kids.)

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  1. Hope your dreams DON’T come true today 🙁 keep safe with this bad weather coming.

    Comment by Mary Anne — September 18, 2012 @ 11:10 am | Reply

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