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May 24, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts

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1.  Pie

Pie is one of those things that seems to be SO much better in theory than in actual practice.

I was home with a sick Monkey Girl on Tuesday, and we spent the day snuggling, reading, and watching old episodes of iCarly on Netflix.  One of the episodes, which we had seen before, was the one where Mr. Gallini, from Gallini’s Pie Shop dies, and no one has the recipe for his pies.  Throughout the episode, people are eating pie, talking about pie, making pie, smashing their faces in pie…you get the picture.

Since then, all I can think about is pie.

Whenever I see pie on tv, (and there really is a lot of pie on tv and in the movies.  Someone in a diner is always getting a slice of pie, and it always looks delicious), it’s all I can think about for days afterward.

Particularly coconut cream pie.

Coconut cream pie.

Just writing it gives me the pie jones.

I’ve never actually eaten a coconut cream pie, but lord knows I want to.

And I want to throw one in someone’s face.

Because, apparently, that’s what you do with a coconut cream pie.

But, pie in real life is never quite the same as pie on tv or in the movies.

The insides spill out onto your plate.  It’s flat.  It’s burnt.

I love cherry and blueberry pie, but I have to steel myself, every time I eat it, for the reality that it will not live up to my expectations.

To prove my point, Monkey Girl and I bought a Key Lime Meringue Pie.

It was beautiful.

It tasted…eh.

So, pie.

Love the idea.

Not always the reality.

2.  Real Man was setting up Netflix on the Play Station the other night, and it had “Amy’s Top 10 Recommendations.”

So, we were assuming, that based upon our viewing habits, it would have some recommendations for us.

I use Netflix and the kids use it for streaming, constantly.

So, imagine our surprise when two of their top 10 recommendations for me were “Confessions: Animal Hoarding” and “Buccaneer,” a black and white film from 1938.


3.  You know what I’d like to invent and patent?

Soft ice cream that has sprinkles already built in.

That way, you can’t like the sprinkles off before you are finished with the cone.  If they are spread throughout, there would be sprinkles in every bite.

That would make me happy.

So very happy.

4.  There is nothing…nothing like a trip to the pediatric center at the hospital to make you realize just how lucky you are.

Took Monkey Girl for a chest x-ray and blood work and just saw so many sad and scared parents.

And saw so many brave and courageous little kids.

Broke my heart and inspired me, all at the same time.

And made me count my blessings again and again and again.

Donate, volunteer, do anything you can to help out the pediatric wing at your local hospital.

Helping children.

No greater cause.

5.  I love a good thunderstorm.

Nothing better than sitting inside, looking out a big window, watching a storm.

Except being OUTSIDE in a storm.

Gimme rain, gimme thunder, gimme lightning and let me be out in it, and I am good to go.

There’s just something very untamed and natural about a storm.

You can’t stop it and you can’t control it.

Very cool.

6.  My mantra for the week is “Don’t be part of the problem…be part of the solution.”

7.  Along those lines, 5 of my FB friends posted, yesterday, about paying it forward, random acts of kindness, and giving back to the community.

I think I know some pretty darn good people and I’m proud of each and every one of them.


  1. I love thunderstorms too. Some of my favorite backpacking moments have involved either sleeping or walking in thunderstorms. One of my first backpacking trips out west was to the Grand Tetons National Park. On our first night in the backcountry we were at 10K’ and there was an awesome thunder and lightening storm. Our tent was getting lit up from lightening throughout the night.

    Being immersed in the nature and allowing yourself to surrender and experience the power of storm is an amazingly peaceful experience for me. This of course has always been predicated on the fact that I’m not fighting for my life. That would be a different experience.

    Deep Peace

    Comment by ouractsofkindness — May 24, 2012 @ 8:12 am | Reply

  2. “This of course has always been predicated on the fact that I’m not fighting for my life.” LOL.

    Comment by abozza — May 24, 2012 @ 8:40 am | Reply

  3. Amy – you can’t buy pies that taste good. it’s a known fact. Did you know that I come from a long line of pie makers? My grandma bartlett was the best, my mom is the best, and I like to think that i make a mean pie. apple and blueberry are my specialty. next time i get a chance and the timing is right, i will make you a pie. i have a good recipe if you would like to try yourself.

    Comment by erbear — May 24, 2012 @ 10:14 am | Reply

    • Erin, I have eaten many a slice of pie made by your Mom, when we were kids. I remember the delicious goodness that was your Mom’s baked goods. I still swear I’ve never had a chocolate chip cookie better than the ones your Mom makes. I have no doubt that you have inherited the pie gene, and I can’t wait to try one! 🙂 I might be interested in the recipe for a blueberry pie…Monkey Girl would love it we became pie makers this summer. 🙂

      Comment by abozza — May 24, 2012 @ 10:28 am | Reply

  4. I agree with Erin, the key to good pie is that it is homemade! I’ve never made coconut cream, but I make an AWESOME lemon meringue. I won’t even order it at a restaurant or buy one at a store because I know it will disappoint me.

    Comment by Sarah — May 24, 2012 @ 11:48 am | Reply

    • Who knew so many people would feel so strongly about pie!???

      Comment by abozza — May 24, 2012 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

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