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April 19, 2012


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Monkey Girl decided it was time for a change.

She’s been growing her hair out for what feels like forever (it was just last summer) and then I got a haircut, last weekend.

Suddenly, her hair was too long and she wanted to get it cut.

Personally, I thought it was gorgeous, but hair is one of those things that I think is utterly personal.

Once you reach a certain age, I think you should be able to wear your hair however you want.

I’m cool with teens who want to dye it purple, shave it, grow it long, get a mohawk, get some dreads…

It’s an easy and non-permanent way of expressing oneself in the teenage world.

And I’ve got myself a pre-teen.

So, despite my love for the length, I took her to get it cut.

Up until now, she’s been getting her hair cut at the KidsCutz type places.

I decided, perhaps it was time for a salon.

So, I took her over to Pro-Haircutters, where I get my hair done.

She felt like a queen as they washed it, cut it, styled it, and blow dried it.

When she finally put her glasses on and saw herself, it was clear that she was happy.

My sweetie pie.

Now, please remind me of this post when my boys start asking me to stop shaving their heads and letting their hair grow long.

Because I just might need the reminder.

April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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April 17, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Quirks

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Today’s question comes from Heather.

Heather writes:

Do you have any really “bizarre” quirks? Like, I rarely if ever buy the same toothpaste two times in a row. I just can’t. I get bored with toothpaste flavor and style and truly, I can’t buy the same one twice. It’s so odd I almost can’t admit it but I just did.

Once again, I turned to Real Man, who, apparently, doesn’t know that the correct answer to, “Honey, do I have any really bizarre quirks?” is “What???  Are you crazy?  You are the perfect woman!  The perfect human!  Quirks?  Ha!  You laugh in the face of quirks!”

Instead, he began to rattle off a list.

1.  When I eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Eggs, Trees, Hearts, and whatever other shape they come in, I eat all the chocolate off, until I am left with a weird, misshapen lump of peanut butter.

Then, I put it on my tongue and smush it up against the roof of my mouth.

Then, I try to swallow it and my voice gets all icky and chokey.

And I love it.

Not eating my Reese’s like a normal person.


2.  We try to watch tv in the living room, as we have a beautiful tv in there.

However, some nights, I can tell I’m going to fall asleep, and I hate falling asleep on the couch and having to move, so we go upstairs and watch in bed.

As we’re watching, I think I’m awake.

I’m positive I’m awake.

I hear Real Man say, “Amy, are you awake?”

I say, “Yes.”

He says, “I don’t think so.”

And, at this point, I realize my eyes are closed and I open them and find Real Man’s hand in front of my face, where it has been, apparently, for five minutes.

Not being able to admit when I’m asleep.


3.  The moment I wake up in the morning, Real Man can tell if I’ve had asthma in the night, whether or not he woke up when I used my inhaler.


Because, when I have asthma, even when I’m sleeping, I scratch the lower right side of my cheek.

And I scratch it until it bleeds.

I don’t even know I’m doing it, but I do.

Every time.

Scratching the heck outta my face when I can’t breathe.


4.  When I eat M&M’s, I eat them by color.

Now, I don’t make charts and graphs, like Monkey in the Middle:

But, I do like my M&M’s eaten in an orderly fashion.

Neat M&M eating.


5.  I turn everything into a song.


But, Real Man recognizes that he does it, too.

Sometimes we make up the melody, but sometimes we use other songs.

For example, as I am typing this, Tiny is sleeping, but everyone else is up, and we are hanging in the living room.

Monkey in the Middle and I are playing Words With Friends against each other, and he is beating the pants off of me (and no, I do NOT let him win) because he’s got good strategy and he is leaving me nowhere to go.

So, I made one good move and he says, “Mom…you’re killing me!”

And, Real Man and I immediately started singing about me killing him to the tune of “Killing Me Softly.”

It probably went on for ten minutes.

And, after the first three minutes, we started singing in weird voices, and the kids just began to shake their heads.

Putting everything to song and then using a weird voice to sing it.


April 16, 2012

Frozen – Part 2

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You can read Frozen – Part 1 here.

She walked to the bedroom and opened her dresser.  She pulled out a clean, white pair of underwear and tried to put them on, while standing on one leg.  She found that her balance was not quite returned, and so she sat on the edge of her bed as she dressed.

As she reached back to fasten her bra, she felt an ache in her shoulder.  Makes sense, she thought.

She put on a pair of sweatpants, a too-large Harvard sweatshirt she had pilfered from a college fling, and a thick pair of wool socks. She went back to the bathroom, hung her towel, and looked at herself in the mirror again.

She turned her face to the left and to the right.  She put her hands on her cheeks.  The same.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of her reflection, unsure of how she could look exactly the same as she did this morning when she was so fundamentally changed.

She stared at herself until her stomach growled, shaking her from her reverie.  She turned off the lights and walked the kitchen.  She went to the stove and turned on the tea kettle, opened her tea cannister and selected a decaf tea bag, and set it in her favorite mug.  She then went to the breadbox and selected a bagel, and pulled out a kitchen knife.  She turned it over in her hand, looking at the dull blade and muttered, “This just won’t do.”

She went back to the pantry and moved aside the cereal boxes.  On the very back of the shelf, she found a dishtowel.  She pulled it out and walked over to the table.  She placed it, gently, on the table, and sat down.  Slowly, carefully, she began to open up the towel.  Inside, lay a bread knife.  The sharp, serrated edge glinted in the low light.  She picked it up, turned it from side to side.  She ran her finger along the blade, then, unconsciously, put her fingers to her neck.

She stood, walked to the counter, bread knife and towel in hand.  She placed the towel on the counter and picked up the bagel.  Cautiously, she put blade to bread and began to saw back and forth.  When the bagel was in two, she wiped the blade with the towel, turned to the knife block and slid it into it’s home.

Still fits.

Once she put the two halves of the bagel in the toaster, she sat on the floor, drew her knees to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and began to rock.

To rock and to finally allow herself to remember.

April 15, 2012

A Little Something For Everyone

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I’m in love with this story.

I think we all need to be a little like every person in it.

As willing to work and create and imagine as Caine.

As willing to indulge in the creativity of his child as Caine’s Dad.

As willing to believe in, encourage, and publicize the efforts of a kid he doesn’t even know.

It’s 10 minutes long, but please watch.

It’s pretty awesome.

April 14, 2012


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A few weeks ago, Baby Monkey went to a birthday party at the FunPlex.

He loved it.

He came home and told his siblings about it, and suddenly, they, too, needed to go to the FunPlex.

I’ll be honest…I thought it was pretty cool.  Kinda like a small, indoor amusement park/boardwalk all-in-one.

So, I put it in the back of my mind.

We had our week off for Spring Break, and we packed a lot in.

We also had the Monday after Easter off, and I was wavering between taking a day off and just chilling or doing one more fun thing with the monkeys.

I went for fun.

So, I told the Monkeys we were going to run some errands and then do something super fun, but if there was any complaining on the errands, no super fun.

They were angels on the errands, and I kept dropping little clues, in our conversation, about where we were going.

Monkey Girl began a notes sheet, on her iTouch, with the clues to try and figure out the mystery.

It was pretty darn cute.

Once the errands were done, I headed down and pulled into the Funplex parking lot to the cheers and thanks from the monkeys.

If you ever want to go, be the first ones there and you miss the crowd and it’s a much more fun experience.

We had a great, great time.

Bumper cars were the favorite activity, but they tried everything multiple times, thanks to the wristbands that got them on all the rides.

Monkey in the Middle LOVES racing games.

Back to the bumper cars.

The funniest part was that, after we had been there for about an hour, I got a text from my friend, Jean, with whom we had been to the Crayola Factory on Friday.

The text read “r u at funplex??????”

I wasn’t sure why she was asking, because I knew I hadn’t mentioned to her that I was thinking of going, so I just texted back “Yep.  Kids r in heaven.”

And in the door walked Jean, her two kids, her two nephews and her niece.

She had been planning to take her nephews, as a gift, for a few months, but never mentioned it to me, either.  When they pulled in the parking lot, she recognized our truck and said to her kids, “Guess who is here?”

It was fun to see them, the kids were thrilled, and I got to hang out with my friend for another day.

And when all was said and done, I had three very happy children.

And one very happy, but exhausted baby.

This picture was taken 5 minutes after we got in the car.

Just in case you didn’t get the full effect of the exhaustion:

April 13, 2012

Five Question Friday

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1. Who mows your grass?
Real Man mows our lawn.
In fact, we have a new lawnmower on the way, as ours broke soon after moving into this house, last summer.
So, he’ll be in lawnmower heaven.
2. Do you have a picture wall or picture gallery in your house?
I don’t like poking holes in the walls.
I have a bunch of pictures from the old house that I still haven’t hung, yet, because I can’t bear to poke holes in the walls.
I’ll even hang pictures in weird places that don’t make sense with our furniture and decorating, just so I don’t have to poke holes in the walls.
So, no.
3. What book has influenced your thinking the most? Or, what blog?
I read a lot.
However, I don’t think that what I read influences my thinking.
I don’t believe in one book, one person, one source as being “the truth” and so I look to multiple sources.
4. Do you have allergies? If so, how do you handle it this time of year?
I do have allergies and I don’t handle them well.
But, I’m guessing that’s not what you were asking.
I take Benadryl, Sudafed, Claritin, Allegra.
I use Visine and a NetiPot.
I got allergy shots from the time I was 5 until I was about 35.
Then, I just kept forgetting to go (I chalk that up to the three kids I had then…I lost a few more brain cells with each one).
So, now, I suffer.
5. What’s your go to meal to cook in an hurry?
Homemade pizza.
Brown up some ground beef, toss it on a shell with some sauce and cheese, pop it in the oven for 20 minutes and we’re all set.

April 12, 2012

Power of Music

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My Grandpa suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

It was hard to watch.

Harder for my father, to whom my Grandpa said, “My wife and I weren’t able to have kids.”

It’s a terrible, terrible disease.

So, you can imagine that my interest was sparked when I found this video on Reddit, last week.

It brought me to tears.

I’ve always known about the power of music, but to see it put to use in this way…


The video is about 6 minutes long.  It is well worth it.

April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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No babies were actually given any candy in the taking of these photos.  They were, however, allowed to pose next to their older siblings baskets, which were far more interesting than the baby basket that only contained a Touch and Feel Farm Animals Book.

April 10, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Hot Buttons

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Today’s question comes from Heather.

Heather writes: Do you have a “hot button issue” that you just physically can’t ignore if it’s pushed on FB or in person?

To answer this question, I asked Real Man, because who would know about what makes me hopping mad better than my husband?

And, of course, he immediately began to rattle off a list:

Anyone who is trying to legislate what other people do with their lives or their bodies, namely people trying to make gay marriage illegal and outlaw abortion, and people who don’t know the facts about something and go spouting off about it.

I understand that there are choices that people may not make for themselves, but I do not believe that gives them the right to say that someone else can’t or shouldn’t do it.  It feels like the Stone Age with regards to many things when I hear people say that there is only one way that things can be done.

As for the other, it drives me batty when people say things or post things on Facebook without having all the facts.  I love a rich, full political debate and discussion, but only, only when both sides know what they are talking about and have the facts to back themselves up.  Don’t like Obama?  Okay…I’m fine with that.  But, don’t post a status about how he’s taken away basic human rights or saying he’s raised the debt higher than any other American president, cuz it just ain’t so.  Not a fan of public education?  I’m sorry to hear it, but don’t start quoting test scores when you have no idea what those test scores really show.  And, you should know that it goes both ways.  I wasn’t a fan of George Bush, but I didn’t tolerate misinformation about him, either.

And while it’s not a political issue or one that is even really talked about on Facebook or anything, people hurting children is a stop on a dime, no debate, no discussion, fry their asses kind of topic for me.

You hurt a child, I don’t care the excuse, the story, the reason, there is no rationalization that is acceptable to me, and I want the harshest, harshest punishment for you.

And that’s the truth.

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