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December 21, 2011


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I love the internet.

I know things I never would have known if I didn’t have the ability to go online every day.

Some things are important.

I read as much of the news as I can online, and I wind up knowing more about what’s going on in the world than ever before.

And sometimes, that’s a good thing.

And sometimes it’s just strange.

Did you know there’s a butter crisis in Norway?

A butter crisis.

There are nations throughout the world where people don’t even have bread or water, and Norway is in the midst of a butter crisis.

People are being arrested for smuggling butter into Norway.


A butter crisis.

I’m not sure I can say those words enough.

Anyway, back to the internet.

Without the net, I probably wouldn’t have been made aware of this horrifying crisis.

And, since I zonk out pretty early each night, I would definitely not have seen Stephen Colbert’s response to Norway’s butter crisis.

Because, let’s face it…the news isn’t important if someone isn’t making fun of it.

So, now, through the magic of the internet, I share this funny bit with you.

Enjoy…and I’ll be taking up a collection for the poor, butterless Norwegians in my next post.

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