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October 22, 2011

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

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Last night was a rough one.

Tiny seemed to have quite a bit of trouble sleeping, and then when he finally was logging in a few hours, around 3 am, Baby Monkey started talking in his sleep, which woke up Monkey in the Middle and Monkey Girl, which resulted in loud voices and crying from Monkey Girl’s room, where they were all sleeping.

So, I went in and pulled Baby Monkey out and brought him into our bed, where he continued to do little whimpery cries until he finally fell back to sleep, around 4 am, at which point Tiny woke up again.

I brought him into our bed to feed him, and when he fell back to sleep, I tried to creep back to his room to put him in his crib, but my foot hit a laundry basket on the floor which made a loud sound and startled him awake.

So, I took him into his room and just rocked with him in the glider until he started to fall asleep.

Yet, right before he fell into a true sleep, he decided to poop.

So, as he lay in my arms with his eyes closed, he started the pushing noises that only a baby can make so unashamedly.

Then, happy with his full diaper, he opened his eyes and smiled.

At this point, I realized it was time throw in the towel, so I went back to my room and got my glasses.

Once my glasses are on, I’m up for the day, so I don’t put my glasses on until I am absolutely sure I’m not going to be able to go back to sleep.

Glasses on, I took him into his room, turned on the light, changed his diaper and brought him downstairs.

It was 5 am.

I got a blanket, turned on the tv to catch up on some dvr’ed shows, and started to feed him.

At which point he fell fast asleep.

So, now it is 6:55 am and everyone else in my house is fast asleep and I’m wide awake on a Saturday morning.

It’s quiet and the sun is just starting to rise.

There’s nothing like New Jersey in the fall (except for New England in the fall, so I hear) and the way the sun is hitting the orange leaves as it slowly lights the sky gives the neighborhood a bit of magic.

So, I think I’ll just hang here on the couch, under the blanket, with a book and just take in the morning, as it’s rare to be able to actually experience a morning without running around and noise.

Later there’s time for tennis lessons, football, grocery shopping, laundry, and dishes.

For now, it’s just me.

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