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September 6, 2011


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So, insurance, with their crafty wording that would put William Shakespeare to shame, rather swiftly denied our claim for the damage in the basement.

Next step, now that President Obama has declared our county one of the federal disaster areas as a result of Irene’s path of destruction, was to call FEMA.

Real Man filled out the required paperwork online and was contacted to say they’d be by “sometime.”

Imagine our surprise when the doorbell rang today with a FEMA inspector.

I answered the door, and there he stood.

Real Man needed to get some paperwork for him, so the FEMA guy and I chatted for a few minutes.

This guy is from Florida, and has been assigned to NJ.  He’s been up here since the hurricane and is working 7 days a week, about 18 hours a day, going to houses, inspecting and taking photos of the damage and sending them on to the people who either accept or deny the claims.

He’s exhausted, he misses his family, he’s been through his own hardships with hurricanes and tropical storms.

He certainly had the right to be grumpy, short-tempered, attitude-y, and unfriendly.

He was, quite simply, delightful.

FEMA should be proud of this guy as their representative.

I can imagine that for people who lost everything, this man would be an incredible comfort, and that is the kind of representative that SHOULD be working for this organization.

So, kudos to FEMA for swift attention and for hiring such a man as the one who showed up at our door.

For some people, I can see that he would have been absolutely what they needed at this time of their lives.

September 5, 2011

Summers End

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What I’ll Miss:

Kisses On Demand

Sweaty little heads running in for a snack or four

Coming across mid-day snoozers curled up together on the couch

Inhaling baby goodness anytime I want

The possibility of going to the pool

Daylight until 8

What I Look Forward To:

After-school chatter about their days

After-school walks in the crisp, autumn air


Bonding with my new students and becoming immersed in the world of the teenager, once again

Hot meals on cool evenings

My tv shows coming back!


I’m ready for fall.

I know people say Spring brings with it the promise of new things, but for me, Fall is the time of family and home and hearth and good things.

Bring it on!

September 4, 2011

Where the Children Sleep

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Came across an article about a photo essay called “Where the Children Sleep.”

Pretty powerful.

Made me wander into my monkey’s bedrooms and realize that it said that these are children of privilege, compared to so many othr children in the world.

They are safe and secure and so very, very lucky to have been born where they were.

Check it out.


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