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July 30, 2011

Things I Love This Morning

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I love the way Tiny Monkey grabs my hand while I’m feeding him.  He holds on tight and I am rendered motionless.  Yes, I could easily wrangle myself free to turn the page or change the channel or write a word, but that little grip makes me feel utterly needed, and you couldn’t pay me enough money in the world to let go.

I love the way Baby Monkey plays.  He wears a Halloween costume around the house almost every day and is a total goofball.  As he hopped off of our bed the other morning, after a little good morning snuggle, he hollered back at us over his shoulder, “I’m outta here…Peace out!”  It’s not done to get the laugh, it’s not done to get attention.  At 5, he’s just an inherently cool kid and he makes us laugh.

I love the passion Monkey in the Middle brings to everything, even when that passion is fueling his anxiety about this or that event.  When he loves something, it’s quite a sight to see.  I can’t wait to see what he does in life, because I know he’ll do it 100%, full throttle, and while that may not always be a good thing, it’s his thing and he’s fantastic.

I love Monkey Girl’s mind and intellectual curiosity.  We went to the library the other day to return a bunch of books and they had a summer “Passport to Reading” which was a booklet full of different activities for kids to do, and when you finish, you can get a stamp for your passport and raffle tickets to win prizes.  As soon as we got home, she got started, and despite the fact that both the librarian and I said “You don’t have to do it all at once…it’s meant to be done throughout the summer,” she knocked off about 16 of the 26 activities by the next morning.  She was busy researching and finding information, doing a craft and creating small projects.  I love that excitement for learning in her and I hope it stays with her, always.

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