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May 20, 2011

Best of Both Worlds

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I go back to work in a few days.

It’s been hard to think about, because I don’t want to leave Tiny Monkey.

He’s going to be with a wonderful caregiver and will be less than a minute drive away from where I teach.

But, he’s tiny.

And he’s my monkey.

So, I’ve been feeling low.

Then, yesterday, something happened.

My eighth graders went to DC.

And I found myself wishing that I was with them.

I was texting with some of my teacher friends and suddenly everything I love about my career came rushing back to me.

The students, the content, the discovery, my friends, the students.

Making a difference.

And while it doesn’t mean that I’m going to miss Tiny Monkey any less, or that there won’t be plenty of tears (from me) next week, I’m getting excited to go back.

It’s suddenly like the last week in August when I’m itching to get back and create new lessons and new ways for my students to learn.

So, this morning, I tried on my work clothes and some of them actually fit, and I’m wearing my heels around the house today so my feet are ready.

Because I had forgotten that I can be both.

That I am both.

A Mama who loves her babies beyond all reason or measure.


A teacher who loves what she does and the adults and kids with whom she does it.

I guess I had forgotten that I’m a working Mama and it works well for us.

My babies are happy, their Mama is happy, and life is good.

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