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March 5, 2011

Product Review – Nap Nanny

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My friend, Erin, recently sent us a Nap Nanny for the newest monkey.

Having never had a swing or bouncy seat or any of those accoutrements for any of the other monkeys, I was unsure about the Nap Nanny.

Would he like it?

Would he be comfortable?

Would it confuse him when it was time to sleep in his crib?

And then, I popped him in, one night, while I was making dinner.

Clearly, at hit.

He doesn’t always sleep in it.

Sometimes, it’s just a comfy place for me to put him while I’m trying to get something else done, like cook dinner, help with homework, etc.

During those times, he happily reclines and looks around.

Completely comfortable.

Completely content.

The cover of the Nap Nanny zips off and can be washed, or you can order different colors to match your decor and then swap out a dirty one for a clean one, while you wash it.

It is so plush and soft, and completely safe.

Comes with safety clips that are enmeshed in more softness so that your little one doesn’t even realize they are safely strapped in place.

You should only use a Nap Nanny on the floor…not on a table or in a crib.

However, the floor is really perfect.

Our little monkey hangs out in his Nap Nanny while we eat dinner, and he’s on the floor next to the table where we can all see him and interact with him while we eat.

If we’re on the floor, playing a game, he’s right there with us…snug and happy in his Nap Nanny.

And, it’s a great place for him to take a nap, as well.

Seriously, who wouldn’t be lulled to sleep in all that plush comfort???

So, anyone who has a baby or is thinking of having a baby or knows someone who is having a baby…buy the Nap Nanny.

It’s fantastic!!!

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  1. It’s another cutie, Aimless…play on, play on with your new man. I am so happy for you.

    Comment by Ron — March 6, 2011 @ 10:00 am | Reply

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