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February 12, 2011

Five Question Friday on a Saturday

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1. Would you rather be on ABC’s Extreme Home MakeOver or TLC’s What not to Wear?
No brainer.  Extreme Home Makeover.  I probably NEED What Not to Wear, but I want an Extreme Home Makeover.

2. Do you have any tattoos?
Nope.  I’ve toyed with the idea many times, but I keep imagining what it will look like when I’m 80, and realize it’s just too ridiculous to imagine.

3. Do you tell your kids about things you did growing up?
That would be a huge negative.  Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, I was a good kid.  I didn’t do any of the typical things that kids can do.  I didn’t drink, never touched a drug, etc., but I was an only child, and therefore, had imagination to go around in order to keep myself busy.  For example, the kids will never hear about when I broke into the neighbor’s house while they were on vacation. I was 9.   At least not from me!

4. If the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?
Um, doesn’t yellow MEAN floor it?

5. What’s your preference: chocolate or chips?
A combo, really.  There are times when I crave chocolate, and there are times when I crave chips.  There are times when all I can think about is a sweet/salty mixture.  Both are terrible for me, but I think, in the long run, the chips are probably better for me, as I have very, very low blood pressure (100/60 is high for me) and so I rationalize that I need a little sodium in my life.

February 11, 2011

My Baby Turns 5!

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How exactly did that happen?

How did this guy…

Turn 5?

He’s my baby.

And yet…

…he woke up this morning with a big smile,

Got himself dressed,

Ate his own breakfast,

Made sure we had the fruit salad he wanted to bring to school to share with his friends for his birthday,

And went on his merry way.

Like a very big boy.

We’ll celebrate his birthday with his choice of dinner and cake and grandparents later.

But I’ll be celebrating him all day.

Aw, heck…I celebrate him every day.

February 10, 2011

5 Years Ago Tonight…

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…I watched the ipecac episode of Family Guy.  Just the beginning.

If you haven’t seen it, YouTube it.

I laughed so hard that 2 hours later, my water broke.

Scott and Tara were thrilled.

It didn’t break on their couch, where I was watching the show, but waited until I was home, in bed.

Sometime, in the wee, small hours of the next morning, a little miracle happened.

Baby Monkey.

February 8, 2011

The Butterfly

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We’ve been crazy busy around our place, and as such, I don’t have a lot of stories to share.

Things are generally status quo.

However, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook today, and I thought it was a fantastic reminder for myself, and for others.

I’m not usually so philosophical on the blog, but I hope you’ll indulge me!


The Butterfly

One day a man found a butterfly cocoon. He watched as a small opening appeared and he sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through the little hole.

Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and could go no farther so the man decided to help the butterfly.

He took a pair of scissors and snipped the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily.

Something was strange, though. The butterfly had a swollen body and shriveled wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened; in fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and deformed wings. It was never able to fly.

What the man did not understand in his kindness and haste was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the small opening of the cocoon are Nature’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were allowed to go through all our life without any it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been.

Not only would we never have the opportunity to know what we could have become……. we will never become it.

February 6, 2011

Just a Reminder…

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Years ago, I heard a statistic that tonight is the night that police record the most calls for domestic violence.

And, while my kids are beside themselves with the excitement of SuperBowl snacks and getting to stay up until 8:00 so they can watch the first half, I smile and nod and make all the right noises and say all the right things to feed their excitement, because I love the contagious excitement they bring to every event.

However, in the back of my mind, I’m sad and scared for those women and children who will suffer unspeakable violence tonight, based on the outcome of a football game.

And I thank my lucky stars that I’m married to Real Man who would rather hurt himself before ever hurting me or the monkeys.

Looking forward to a good game, and am hopeful that people are able to keep their wits about them and their anger in check and remember, at the end of the night, that it is just a game.

February 3, 2011

Everything You Wanted to Know – Part II

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And now for Part II!

Ten Lasts

  • Last Phone call you made -To my parents, yesterday to tell them they didn’t have to come over to take the kids to school.
  • Last person you hung out with -Other than my family here at home –My in-laws at the dinner for my father-in-law’s birthday
  • Last person you tackled -Well, I think it’s more like my son tackles me 😉
  • Last person you IM’d –I don’t actually IM, so I guess it would be Real Man…I think I may have e-mailed him while he was in the other room, just to see if I could
  • Last person (s) you went to the movies with –Real Man
  • Last thing you missed – My family while I’m at work, every day.  I love my job, but I sure miss Real Man and the monkeys all day long.
  • Last thing you ate – Cheerios


Would You Rather

  • Pierce your nose or tongue? My nose.  I can’t have anything interfere with my eating of food.
  • Be serious or funny?  I think most people who know me would assume I’d say serious, but those who know me the best know that the answer is DEFINITELY funny!
  • Drink whole or skim milk -1%.  Skim has more carbs than 1%, which is killer for diabetics.
  • Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents
  • Are You Simple or Complicated? Simple.  It really doesn’t take much to make me happy.


Do you Prefer

  • Sun or Moon? Sun
  • Left or Right? Left
  • Sun or Rain? Warm rain.
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream? Chocolate
  • Vodka or Jack Daniels? Neither



  • Nervous Habits? Biting the inside of my mouth
  • Are you double jointed? Yes
  • Can you twist your tongue around/ roll it? Yep to both.
  • Can you raise one eyebrow? Yep
  • Can you cross your eyes? Yep
  • Do you make your bed daily? Yep
  • Which shoe goes on 1st? These days…whichever foot I can raise the furthest up
  • Ever thrown something at someone? Yes
  • On average how much money do you carry with you? Loose change.  I rarely have money on me.
  • What jewelry do you wear? My engagement and wedding ring, and the diamond earrings Real Man gave me as a wedding present.
  • Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Twirl it.  My husband is ½ Italian…what kind of wife would I be?
  • Have you ever eaten Spam? No.
  • Favorite Ice Cream? Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • How many kinds of cereal are in your kitchen? Usually about 2 sometimes 3
  • What’s your favorite beverage? Cherry Coke.  However, I shouldn’t drink it, so I’ll say milk.
  • Do you cook? Yes, but I don’t enjoy it.



  • Last alcoholic drink –I have absolutely no idea.
  • Last Car ride – Driving to the ultrasound yesterday.
  • Last Movie watched -In the theater –The Dilemma ; At home- A Walk to Remember


February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday – Happy Groundhog Day!

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February 1, 2011

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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I found this on another blog I frequent, and thought it was interesting (and, let’s be honest…an easy way to write a blog entry for a day or two!)

It’s ridiculously long, so I’m going to split it up into a few days, because I don’t want to give up all my secrets at once!  (and, let’s be honest, it’s an easy way to write blog entries for a few days!)

So, here goes!
Ten Facts:

  • Name -Amy
  • Nicknames -Mom, Mommy, Mama, Amer, Ames, Aim, Beth, Bethy, Bethel, Boz, Mrs. B
  • Any Birth Marks –Yes…a light one on my right thigh
  • Hair Color -Blonde
  • Natural Hair Color -Blonde
  • Eye Color -Blue
  • Height -5’5 and 1/2” (yes, the extra half inch counts)
  • Mood –Anxious – it’s icing outside and we’re going to have to go to school today…also, not sure when this baby is coming
  • Favorite Color -Brown
  • One Place You Want to Visit -Scotland

Ten This or That

  • Love or Lust- Love
  • Cats or Dogs -Dogs
  • A few best friends or many regular friends -A few best friends
  • Television or Internet – Why do I have to choose?  I don’t know if I can.
  • Chinese or Indian Food -Chinese
  • Wild Night out or Romantic Night In -Romantic Night in
  • Money or Happiness -Happiness
  • Night or Day -Hmmm -Day
  • MSN or phone –Huh?

Ten Have You’s

  • Ever performed in front of a large crowd -Yes, many times.  Love it!!!
  • Ever done drugs -No
  • Ever consumed alcohol -Yes
  • Ever been on a dance team -No
  • Ever been on a sports team -Surprisingly, yes.
  • Ever been in a drama play/production? -Yes, and I loved it!
  • Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer, or Bentley? – Uh, no.
  • Ever been in a rap video? Well…does “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” by Will Smith count?  And, does it have to have been on MTV, or can it just have been a video that Kim, Erin, Michaela, Mark and I shot in Michaela’s basement?  Because, the answer depends on that. 🙂
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