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February 17, 2011

Lost and Found

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Isn’t it funny how you can look for something in the same place a thousand times?

Then, you see someone else looking there and you get annoyed.

You say, “I TOLD you, I already looked there!” as if their looking there means that they don’t trust you to be able to see something that might be hiding there.

And, you get annoyed with them, even though you know you are going to look in that same place again, yourself.

Because it’s a logical place for whatever is lost to be?



The kids were making a fort in the basement tonight.

They pulled all of the cushions off of the couch in the basement and then pulled the cushions off of the couch in the living room.

They used them to make their fort.

My sister-in-law graciously offered to take Monkey in the Middle to basketball practice tonight, so while we were looking out the picture window for her to turn the corner, I looked down at the skeleton of the couch.

I’ve looked in there a million, bajillion times.

I saw, what I thought was this little green flashlight thing the kids like to play with.

I pulled it out.

It stuck a little, because it was wedged in there, pretty tightly.

When I got it out, I looked at what I had in my hands.

Monkey Girls DS Lite, that has been missing since, oh, I don’t know…maybe as long as last summer?

I couldn’t believe it.

Seriously, couldn’t believe it.

We have all looked in that couch more times that we can imagine.

When I’m just sitting there, reading, I just put my hand down between the cushions, just in case.

Never found it.

And yet, today, there it was.

What a sigh of relief to find it.

And how annoying that it’s taken us this long to see something that has been there all the time.

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  1. Same thing happens here all the time. Especially those little games for the DS. They disappear and reappear. Glad you guys found it!

    Comment by Pam Turner — February 17, 2011 @ 10:12 pm | Reply

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