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December 30, 2010

Worker Bee

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Monkey in the Middle is a worker bee.

Much like his Mommy, he has a tough time being still.

And so, when the boredom hits, he creates projects for himself.

Winter is the best time for his projects, because he is always sure that there is more shoveling to be done.

Even if the driveway is down to the pavement.

So, yesterday, his brother and sister had found other things to do and he and I had already played endless games of Sorry! and Uno, and he needed a project.

So, he looked out the window, put his hands on his hips and said, “Mommy, you are never going to get out of this driveway.”

Yes, that’s right, I haven’t left the house since the snow storm on Sunday.

So what?

Anyway, I bundled him up and out he went.

He didn’t want to be watched, so I had to wait until he was busy before snapping any real photos, and even then, he seems to have a sixth sense about me picking up the camera.

Yes, there was a small bit of snow behind my wheels.

He’s right, I never could have gotten over that.

And…as always happens in our house, what Monkey in the Middle does, Baby Monkey is never far behind.

They worked out there until they declared the job done.

Which, to me, didn’t look that different than before they went out, but I would never tell them that.

So, today, when I venture out, I’ll be safe and sound.

And trust me, I’ll make a BIG deal out of what a smooth ride it was.

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