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September 17, 2010


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Anyone want to join me in a little Fiddler on the Roof sing-a-long?


No one?


Anyway, for those of you uneducated in the ways of 1970’s Broadway, I will now continue with the story.

When Real Man was a kid, his Dad made homemade pizza every Friday night.

For a long time, when we lived in our second house, we had the same tradition.

But, the bakery where we bought the shells was on the other side of town, and as the brood expanded, it was just a little much, and the tradition faded.

Lo and behold, they opened up a new bakery/deli RIGHT HERE in my town.

They sell the shells we love, along with the sauce and the cheese.

And so, as of last week, Friday night has once again become homemade pizza night.

The tradition continues and oh, it is so good.

September 16, 2010

Quote of the Day

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Baby Monkey and I hit the pharmacy on our way home today.

Normally, when we go to the pharmacy, the little guy is face to face with the candy counter, as we wait.

Now, that alone has always intrigued me.

Wouldn’t you think they would sell fruits and veggies at a pharmacy?

Encourage health?

But then, I guess they’d be out of business if everyone was healthy.

I digress.


On the way to the pharmacy, Baby Monkey was saying that they have a lot of Berenstain Bears books at Pre-K.

I mentioned that we have a lot of them, too.

He said he loved them and wished the library would re-open so we could get more.

I said, “Um, the pharmacy sells Berenstain Bear books.”


I said, again, “The pharmacy sells Berenstain Bear books.”

The kid was dumbfounded.

He had never ventured past the candy and the toys to notice the book racks.

So, I waited in line, he picked a book, we paid and left.

On the way out the door, he turned to me, book in hand and said, “Mommy…books are WAY better than candy.”


September 15, 2010

Rules for Getting Flu Shots

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Rule #1: Don’t tell any of your children that the flu shots are coming.  Because, you may think that it’s okay to tell your oldest, most responsible child.  Yet, the truth is, because she is so responsible, she will think it is her job to prepare her younger brothers for their flu shots, a week ahead of time, thus giving your middle child a week to perseverate and build his anxiety.

Rule #2:  Do not schedule your flu shots on the same night as football practice.  Even if you can make it to half of the practice, odds are, you are going to have to pull him from practice while he’s on a successful streak and getting compliments from the coach like, “…and our all-star quarterback…”  Oops, time to go honey.

Rule #3: If your children stop mentioning the flu shots for a day or two, don’t assume that they’ve made their peace with the shots and are just being mature and ready for the shots.  Odds are, they’ve actually forgotten for a moment, and the worst possible thing you could do would be to say, on your way out the door to football practice, “Let’s go!  We don’t want to be late for practice, especially since we need to leave early for shots!”  This would probably lead to a round of crying and hysteria about “Does it hurt?  How big is the needle?  I don’t want to leave football practice!  Mom!  He pinched me!  I just wanted to show him how much it would hurt!” while your older, responsible child, who started it all in the first place, a week ago, will just continue to read her book as she walks out to the car, completely oblivious of the little boys melting into little puddles of tears in the foyer.

Rule #4:  Even if all of these things happen, and somehow, you get to football practice on time, get the boy to leave football practice early, actually get to the doctor appointment with a few minutes to spare…well, let’s just say that you should probably check your appointment card twice to make sure you have the right Wednesday night and that you are truly supposed to be getting your shots THAT night and not the next Wednesday night, when you can’t go anyway, because it is your middle child’s Back-to-School Night, so you need to call to reschedule.

If you can follow all those rules, getting your flu shots this year should be a breeze.

September 14, 2010

Sleepless in New Jersey

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The past two nights, the boys have been involved in a conspiracy to not let their Mama sleep.

Sunday night, Monkey in the Middle came downstairs to our room around 4 am, terrified by the sound of the gently falling rain.

I never got back to sleep.

Last night, I awoke to the sound of Baby Monkey screaming my name at 2:00 am.

“Mama! Mama!”

Certain that he was in the midst of a horrifying nightmare, I raced upstairs.

His covers had fallen down.

Not fallen off the bed.

Just fallen down so that he wasn’t covered anymore.

And, God forbid he pull them up himself.

That was the end of that for sleep for me.

At first, I try to fall back asleep.

Then, I give up the fight and turn on the television.

So, I’ve got my game face on and am ready to face another day.

And if anyone wakes me up tonight.

God help them.

September 12, 2010

Football Daze

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Monkey in the Middle had his first football game on Saturday.

Oh, how I love to watch that little boy.

He’s in the stance and ready to go!

So adorable, right?

I mean…what a macho football player.

So in love with that little boy.

Oh, and with this little girl, who could have cared less about what was happening on the field.

Instead, she spent all of her time with her best bud on the swing.



Playing and talking?


Doing what they do best.

September 11, 2010

How We Remember

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September 11.

You can’t help but wake up with a small unease in the pit of your stomach on September 11.

It’s hard not to be a bit on edge and perhaps tune into the news a bit more often than usual on September 11.

The hugs last a little longer, and the goodbyes take a few minutes more on September 11.

So, how do we move on?

Should we move on?

A friend of mine, from high school, Joey (he goes by Joseph now) Daniels, is the President of the 9/11 memorial in NYC.

They’ve been working tirelessly for 9 years to create a memorial that will help us remember and make us feel strong and proud again.

Personally, I think they are doing a great job, and think that the finished product might be able to give us all a bit of the healing that we all so desperately reach for on this day.

Take a peek at this interview and show of the plans and see for yourself.

And hug your loved ones just a little tighter.

And don’t miss a chance to let them know how much you love them.

September 9, 2010

Days End

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My snuggle monkey.

End of the day, both of us exhausted.

He snuggles up.

Rests his head on my hip.

Quiet “I love you, Mama…so much.”

Perfect end to any day.

September 7, 2010

First Day

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Big day today.

First day for Monkey Girl to go to 4th grade.

First day for Monkey in the Middle to start 1st grade.

Baby Monkey doesn’t actually start Pre-K for another week, but he was definitely caught up in the “First Day” excitement.

First day for me to go back to the classroom after a 2 year stint in a different position.

Monkey Girl got up at 5:45 and took a shower.

She took a shower before going to bed last night.

She rocks my world.

The boys were up and raring to go, as well.

So far, I can only report on my first day, which went well.

I loved being around kids again and am excited for all that I have planned for the year.

Or at least the part of the year I’ll be there.

I am absolutely chomping at the bit to see the monkeys.

I am sure their days were fantastic, but I missed them all day long and can’t wait to hug them and kiss them and cuddle them and hear all about it.

Okay, let’s be honest.

I’ll hear all about Monkey Girl’s day.

The boys will say their days were “fine” and that will be the end of that.

Can’t wait.

There is something so magical about the first day of school.

It holds such promise.

No one is a failure on the first day of school.

No one has disappointed anyone, and the possibilities for success are endless.

Everything is bright and new and exciting.

Especially these three.

September 3, 2010

End of Summer

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The end of summer just kinda snuck up on me.

I had big plans for this summer.

I wanted to get the kids to the pool every day.

I wanted to take them on day trips to Sesame Place and Hershey Park and Great Adventure.

I had big plans.

Then, the morning sickness hit, and I get the all day kind, and while I am never going to complain about being sick while a miracle is happening inside me, and I do mean a true miracle, it meant that the majority of the summer plans were sacked.

My kids spent the summer listening to their Mom tossing her cookies at the slightest smell or even thought of something remotely gross.

Or even not really gross, but enough to push my tender tummy over the edge.

But you know what?

They didn’t complain.

Not once.

They made the best of what they were handed.

They played in the sprinkler.

They used the hose to “wash the van” more times than I can count.

They swung on the swingset.

They put on plays and made forts and did dances.

They created indoor picnics.

They didn’t even seem to notice that they weren’t having the same summer as everyone else.

They just lived and enjoyed life and were totally enthusiastic about every day.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I love these children and how very grateful I am, every single day of my life, that they are mine.

September 1, 2010

We’re Gonna Need Another Contest…

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This time, we’re gonna need to have another contest to rename my boy monkeys.


Well, Monkey in the Middle won’t be in the middle and Baby Monkey won’t be the baby in the house, come March.

What’s that?

Oh, yes, you read that right.

We’re expecting!

We’re surprised and we’re thrilled!

No worries…this isn’t going to turn into a pregnancy blog.

The monkeys keep me way too busy to not write about them!

However, as we approach March 8, we’ll need your creativity to help me rename the boys!

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