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August 24, 2010


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I always know when a scheme is a-brewin’.

Today, it started with Monkey in the Middle coming to me and asking how much a soda costs.

About 5 minutes later, he came back, wondering if milk is sold individually, like a 20 oz bottle of soda.

Then, he wanted to know if water and milk would cost the same as soda.

Finally, I asked.

Turns out, he and his siblings want to open a store at the end of the driveway that sells water, milk and soda.

Very enterprising.

Then, he comes back and asks if you can buy a bouncy castle for your house.

I tell him I guess so.

He wants to know how much they cost.

About $5, was his guess.

I said, probably a few hundred.

He was not defeated.

Next thing I know, I hear change being dumped and now I have to know, so I go into the living room.

After they pooled and counted their money, they started asking what extra chores they could do.

I decided to not ask the hard questions right now.

Like, where exactly they think a bouncy castle will fit in the house.

How they plan on blowing that thing up.

And the rest.

Instead, I’ll let them plan and scheme.

Because tomorrow, it’ll be something else.

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  1. You know you really can get these things at BJs type places. I’m addressing a letter to your kids letting them know.

    Comment by Brenna — August 24, 2010 @ 9:13 pm | Reply

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