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August 21, 2010

Carnival Games

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“Mama!  Mama!” the boys called to me the other day.

“You have to come see our cool carnival game!”

The boys love playing carnival, boardwalk, block party, etc.

Anything where they can invent rides and games and then play for hours.

So, I finished up the bill I was paying, put it in the envelope, stuck on the stamp, and walked out the front door.

Where I promptly let the bill drop out of my lifeless hand, as I saw the carnival game the boys had made up.

They were tossing little rubber balls into our garbage and recycling cans.

Some of which actually had garbage in them.

Those that were empty still had the remnants of garbage days past.

All of them…gross.

Needless to say, I hauled everyone inside for a bath (you can see Baby Monkey’s hands on his hips, as I took this picture after telling them that this carnival was shut down) and we discussed the possibility of using sand buckets from the beach instead of garbage cans next time.

While I celebrate their creativity…

…I shudder to imagine what these boys will think of next!

(Let me clarify that this picture was taken the same day as the lawn mowing day…the boys have not been wearing these clothes for three days.)

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