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July 23, 2010


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Monkey Girl had her culminating concert for Summer Music Camp today.

It was held at the local high school, where the camp was run.

The same high school from which Real Man and I graduated.

The same high school where we danced together at the Junior Prom.

Good times.

Anyway, she rocked it.  After only playing the flute for 23 days, she did a great job and was adorable on stage.

I couldn’t get any good pictures, because I had to sit in the back with the boys.

Who were less than stellar.

So, we spent most of the concert outside.

In the hallway.

The auditorium is in the old, original building.

Our town is very old.

So old, in fact, George Washington and his troops spent the winter here during the Revolutionary War.

Our high school isn’t quite that old, but it’s old enough.  Late 1800’s, if I’m not mistaken.

Hanging in the original staircase in the original building, which is right outside of the auditorium is a bunch of paraphenalia from the “olden days.”

I love it.

A diploma from 1917.

Or, how about one from 1911?

An original photo of the original building, still there, retouched and donated by the class of 2008.

A plaque donated by the class of 1922 to the students in their class who fought in WWI.

The 1925 marching band.

I took about fifty more pictures that I won’t bore you with.

However, I just think there’s something to a building with history.

Something to a school with history, so that the students can realize that they are a part of something so much bigger than themselves.

And, it gave me something to do while the boys sat in time out on the stairs.

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