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March 31, 2010

Mall Day

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We’re on Spring Break this week, yet the first part of the week drenched us in rain.

When I say drenched, I mean drenched.

It rained and poured and it sounded like the world was going to fall down around us.

Perfect weather to stay inside and snuggle up.

Also, perfect weather to hit the mall.

Monkey Girl was in need of a haircut, and I hate to waste a sunny day on a trip to the mall.

A rainy day, however…

While Monkey Girl sat in the chair and got the chop-chop, the boys played on the toys outside of the salon.

(If you could just pretend that you didn’t notice that I let Baby Monkey go to the mall in his pajamas, I’d really appreciate it.)

After the cut, we headed to the indoor playground that they had.

I have to say, I couldn’t believe how crowded it was, but even more, I couldn’t believe how many nannies and moms were just sitting there, reading books, not watching their kids.

Baby Monkey got shoved out of a boat, Monkey in the Middle was told to “Get out of here…you can’t play on this,” and Monkey Girl…well, nothing happened to her.  She was way older than anyone else there…she just kinda sat with me and half-heartedly played with the boys, every now and then.

Yet, my kids are serious about playgrounds.

They didn’t let the bullies get the best of them.

Real Man surprised the kids and met us for lunch, as the mall isn’t too far from his work.

The kids thought it was awesome that he just “showed up” at the mall.

After lunch, we went to get the kids cookies at Mrs. Field’s.

It is their big, big treat at the mall.

They each chose a sprinkle cookie and ate.

We rounded out the trip at Barnes and Noble.

Monkey Girl had some gift cards from her birthday, and she had two books to return.

The boys headed straight for the train table while Monkey Girl browsed.

It was a good trip, but when we got home, we were ready to be home.

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It’s a Small World, After All

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I can’t believe I’m about to tell a Facebook story, but I am.

I’m in total disbelief over this, but I think it is the coolest thing to happen to me in quite some time.

Well, except for the whole novel thing, but still…

It’s pretty darn cool!

Our story begins when I was three years old.

We were living in a small town in upstate New York, where my Dad was the minister.

My Dad was offered a pulpit in northern New Jersey, and so off we went.

We lived in that town until I was just 8 years old.

We moved a day or two after my 8th birthday.

So, I went to Kindergarten, First, and half of Second grade in that town.

I made some very good friends.

One of them was a tall girl named Adrianne.

We were very good friends and I liked her a lot.

She was quiet, but a lot of fun.

We played together in school and went to each others birthday parties and just enjoyed being kids.

Then, I moved.

Moving in second grade, it was hard to stay in touch with kids from my old town, because I was 8.  I didn’t make phone calls or anything like that.  Also, it was 1980…no internet, texting, etc.

When you moved, you moved.

Flash forward to high school.

I was at a party and met up with a guy, Scott, that had been in my K-2 classes in my old town.  We stayed “satellite friends” and bumped into each other every now and then, and had some mutual friends in my new town.

With the advent of Facebook, as adults, we became Facebook friends.

This morning, I woke up and had a friend request from Matthew, who is friends with Scott.  Matthew also went to K-2 with me in the old school.

I accepted and then went looking through his photos. 

I found a class picture from 5th grade.

I was long gone by 5th grade, but I still knew most of the kids in the picture.

And, in the picture, there was Adrianne!

So, I clicked on her name, where she was tagged below the photo and was taken to her page. 

When I looked at her profile picture, I couldn’t believe it!

Adrianne is the mother of one of Baby Monkey’s friends from school!

I’ve known her, through daycare, for about 3 years now!

I couldn’t believe it! 

They were at Baby Monkey’s first birthday party this year and I see her, almost, every day.

…and neither of us had any idea who the other was!

(Or, she knew exactly who I was and decided not to say so…I’ll pretend she didn’t know me.)

I’m just blown away by what a small world it has truly become. 

Say what you want about technology and social networking, etc…

It’s a pretty powerful tool!

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March 30, 2010

Food Disappointment

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Monkey in the Middle and I suffer from a malady that I call “Food Disappointment.”

I love food.

Love it.

However, I am not an exotic eater. 

I have certain foods that I eat, and am not much of a try-er. 

So, the foods I do eat are predictable and comforting…

…and I expect them to be a certain way when I order them.

One time, when Real Man and I were dating, we went to the beach for a day.

On the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen and I ordered my tradtional large chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles.

Granted, it was probably over 100 degrees that day, but as the woman handed me the cone, it was a mess..already dripping down my hands and lopsided, despite the fact I had only held it for three seconds.

We got in the car and I cried and cried and said that if your only job is to make ice cream cones, you should have pride in your work and do your best to produce a great product. 

It was a little ridiculous.

I can be a little ridiculous sometimes.

Anyway, that story illustrates why, the other night when my parents took us out to dinner, I was able to sympathize with Monkey in the Middle when he eagerly ordered mac and cheese, and then his eyes filled with tears when it was delivered to the table.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“It’s not the shell kind of macaroni,” he said through the tears.  “They usually have the shell shaped macaroni,” and he pushed his plate away and came over to hug me and cry.

As a responsible adult, I said, “I understand…that must be disappointing, but you need to eat what you’ve ordered,” gave him a squeeze and sent him back to his seat.

Inside, my heart broke for the kid.

Because, I get it.

This is all background to explain my own tearful response, yesterday afternoon, to a package of cookies.

When I was growing up, my Mom always had Archway Iced Spice cookies in the house.


They were delicious.

Kind of a ginger-y, cinnamon-y, other kind of spicy cookie that was iced with a hard frosting.

Again, I say, delicious.

They don’t make the iced spice cookie, anymore, however, they have an iced oatmeal cookie, which I will buy every now and then to have a treat.

I’ve been craving them the past month or so, but ShopRite is perpetually out of them.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who knows the goodness of the cookie.

However, this past weekend, there they were!

I was thrilled!

I did a happy dance in the aisle and popped a package in my cart.

They stayed in the pantry until yesterday when I decided it was time to open them up.

I know you look at this cookie and say, “Huh…good looking cookie.”

I look at it with disappointment.

The best part of these cookies are the interplay of icing and cookie in your mouth.

What the heck is up with the icing on this cookie?

It not only doesn’t cover the whole cookie, but it’s got holes in the icing covering all over.


Don’t get me wrong…I ate the cookie.

Yet, after a month of waiting to bite into one, it was disappointing.

And, of course, I realize that if this is the worst of my problems, I’m doing just fine in life.


…this is one area where my 6 year old and I are exactly on the same page.

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March 29, 2010

It’s Been a Week

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So, it’s been a week since I saw my girls, and I’m missing them again.

I miss the way that they never say “No, Amy…that’s a stupid idea,” when I say things like, “Hey!  I know we’re in the middle of Bloomingdale’s, but why don’t you guys sit at that table and let me take a picture and pretend like Michaela had an Alice in Wonderland dinner party for us?”

…or when I take pictures of my food because it looks so good…

…and especially when it doesn’t.

They let me stage strange photos of them in an effort to figure out new camera settings that they’ve taught me…

…and don’t blink when I want to take touristy photos of them on the subway, despite the fact that two of them live in the city.

They don’t mind that I’m a fast walker, and sometimes get so far ahead that I cross the street without them…

…and are always happy to see me when they figure out where I am.

Most of all…they are just wonderful women who I am so happy to know!

Can’t wait until our next trip into the city!

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March 27, 2010

Guest Blogger

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Today, I’d like you to welcome our guest blogger…

Actually, a guest vlogger, as she’s prepared a video blog for all of you to enjoy.

So, please welcome…

Monkey Girl!

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Play Ball!

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I know, I know… how completely un-American of me.

However, I do.

I hate it.

Perhaps it is leftover from my childhood.

My Dad LOVES the Cleveland Indians, having grown up in northern Ohio, and also just loves baseball, in general.

In my home, we had one telvision, and Dad got to choose what was on.

In the Spring and Summer, it was usually baseball.

People who grew up in the tri-State area, I’m sure, can relate to the sounds of Channel 11 baseball.

That particular song, “Da daaaa, da da da dum, da da da, da daaaaa, da da da dum, da da da…”

I fell asleep on the couch to the sounds of many a televised Yankees game.

It’s just slow and boring, to me.

Of all sports, it’s the one that I just don’t care about in the least bit.

Too much waiting.

I’m an action girl.

However, while I hate baseball, I love Monkey in the Middle.

So, when he says he wants to play ball, I watch baseball.

Yesterday was his first practice.

No surprise at all, he was great!

Yes, he insisted on the fluorescent mitt.

It was adorable.

Baby Monkey and Monkey Girl seem to feel the same way about baseball as I do.

They spent their time climbing on the bleachers.

But, not me.

I watched and gave thumbs up and clapped and for the first time, didn’t hate baseball quite so much.

Of course, it’s early in the season.

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March 24, 2010

We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I lied.

I’ll tell you about Bloomie’s and Rosa Mexicano’s tomorrow.

For now, though, I’ve got some other news!
As you may remember, a few months ago, I submitted my novel to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. They originally took 5,000 entries, and in the second round, narrowed it to 1,000. I was thrilled to have made that cut. As of yesterday, they have narrowed the field again, to the 250 quarterfinalists. I’m in!

In this next round, our excerpts have been posted on and are awaiting customer reviews. So, if you are so inclined, I would love if you could help me out!

If you go to, in the Search All Departments box, type in “Amy Bozza.” (Tee-hee…I’m on Amazon!) You will get a list and my excerpt will be first. There will be a tan box to the left that says “Thriller and Suspense” and then to the right of that is my name and the title, which is “The Follow Through.” If you click on the title, it will take you to the page for my excerpt. Here’s the direct link to my page.
You have to download the excerpt, but there is a catch. They only allow downloads to Kindle’s or to Kindle for PC. Imagine my dismay, as I don’t own a Kindle, however, I was able to quickly and freely download Kindle for PC. Again, it’s FREE. Took about two minutes. Once you download the program, you can go back and download the excerpt. If you have a Kindle, you can download directly to your Kindle.

This is the important part: After you have read the excerpt, please go back to Amazon and leave a customer review. I’m happy to take high-fives on the blog in the comments, but please keep the reviews “business-like.”

I warn you ahead of time…you may be surprised that it came from me, as the story can be a little violent at times, but, it’s fiction, folks. Pretend it isn’t me who wrote it, if you need to.

Thank you for your support!

March 23, 2010

Tea and Sympathy

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After Erin and I got off the train at Penn Station, we headed the apartment that Michaela shares with her husband, Michael.

Once there, we hugged and said our hello’s to Michael, then the three ladies headed to meet up with Kim at a little place called Tea and Sympathy.

This place was tiny.

Like, there are only 7 tables in the joint tiny.

But SO cute and full of ambience.

We met Kimmie outside and eventually they called us in.

First of all, we all ordered tea, and when you order tea, it comes in your own, cutie-pie teapot, shaped like utter coolness.

I made a village with our teapots to show you.

Can you stand it?

Mine was the Queen Elizabeth I teapot.

I’m cool with that.

I like to think I’d be a total badass queen,  just like she was.

Then, it was time to order.

I got a delicious scrambled eggs with cheese and 7 grain toast. 

The toast was…was…

Well, there really are no words for how good this toast was.

Michaela ordered spaghetti on toast.

It gave me pause to hear her order.

It gave me giggles when her order arrived.

It was actually spaghettios on toast.


Halfway through, Kim’s carefully attuned eye caught an actress who used to be on Guiding Light come in the door.


Anyone used to watch Guiding Light?

Fiona was British (how appropos) and was dating Buzz.

This is going WAY back.

Anyway, it was my brush with fame for the day.

It was a great time, and a delicious brunch with three remarkable women.

I’ll tell you about the High Line tomorrow.

I know you can hardly wait!

March 22, 2010

Brow Bar

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Where to start with this past weekend?

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend spent with wonderful friends.

We laughed and laughed and just enjoyed each other.

I can’t even describe how lucky I am to have friends like these women.

So, I’ve decided to start in the middle.

Mid-day, we hit the Bloomingdale’s on Lexington Avenue.

Erin had some shopping to do, and Kim is a good shopping companion.

Michaela and I enjoy going with them, because we love them, but in terms of shopping, we’re more like the “husbands” of the trip. 

We sit on the benches outside the dressing room, or in the shoe department, and talk. 

Not sports or anything like that, but our girl version of husband talk.

So, we were up in Fine Jewelry and Kim and Erin were talking designers like Judith Ripka and some guy, whose name I can’t remember, and it was all pretty much Greek to me.

So, earlier, we had passed “The Brow Bar” in Bloomie’s, where they will pluck or wax your eyebrows.

It intrigued me.

I’m a fairly low maintenance girl. 

I don’t even dry my hair in the morning before work, and I’ve got two pieces of makeup that I own, and that’s it. 

I do, however, try to look human and pluck my eyebrows into some sort of shape.

As a blonde, it isn’t a necessity, as they are light enough to not draw attention to themselves, but I know.

After my surgery, I was told to take a plucking hiatus, because it makes me sneeze, and, well, sneezing ain’t joyful after sinus surgery and a broken nose, folks.

But, I’m back, and have been procrastinating taking care of those brows for awhile.

So, I leaned over to my fellow husband…er…I mean, Michaela, and said, “Wanna blow this joint and come with me to get my eyebrows waxed?”

Michaela, the photographer, said, “Sure!  I’ll take pictures for your blog!”

She knows me so well.

We filled in the ladies and off we went.

Here I am signing my life away, saying that I don’t use products on my skin that could cause it to rip off with the wax.


I was happy and excited.

At first.

Then, it began.

And, in the end, I was a whole lot redder (sensitive skin) but a whole lot neater, and the redness only lasted for an hour or so.

More good times to come!

March 21, 2010

Thought for the Day

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First of all, my deepest apologies for my absence this past week.

It was a week of working late and crashing early.

However, I’m back, and better than ever.

I’m totally refreshed after my weekend with the girls, and have SO much to share.

However, as I’m on my way out the door to perform in a concert, I will leave you with this thought for the day, and will let the updating begin tomorrow.

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

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