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January 23, 2010

Saturday Smiles

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Today was a good day.

A fun day.

A long day.

Yet, a good day.

I started out by teaching piano lessons.  I enjoy teaching piano a great deal.

The kids are great, the music is great…it’s just a really good thing in my life.

Then, I headed to school for our full-day play rehearsal.  Our show is in the beginning of March, and today was our full-day rehearsal.

This show, in particular, is tons of work for me, as there are 25 songs in it. 

The good news?  The show is called “Back to the 80’s” and every song is from the 80’s.

My decade.

My music.

I’m loving play practice.

Real Man had to go somewhere, so about halfway through, he dropped the kids off, and so they got to see the rehearsal.

They loved it, although, I think their favorite part was the snack bar.

After play rehearsal, we came home and the monkeys played outside for a few hours, and then when it started to get dark, came inside and turned the basement into an apartment with a table on the “deck.”

Only Monkey Girl managed to poke her head out for the picture.  The boys were too busy hysterically giggling.

When Real Man got home, he brought his Dad and we all had dinner (on the good china) and had a great time together.

Then, the monkeys went back to the basement and started checking out what they could watch On Demand, and I made them popcorn.

(Note…the empty cups laying on their side on the table are from the “deck” on their apartment.  Don’t want you thinking I leave dirty cups all over the house.  Not today, at least.)

Real Man went to hockey, and the monkeys are now in the basement, still on the couch, entwined with each other and watching Phineas and Ferb.  It will be bedtime in a few minutes, and they are having a sleepover in Monkey Girl’s room tonight. 

They can’t wait.

It’s a big deal.

Despite the fact they do it every Friday and Saturday night.

Love it.

I’m going to cuddle up with Under the Dome by Stephen King, and hope to make a good sized dent, as I feel like I’ve been reading it forever, but only in two minute snippets here and there.  I’m ready to make some progress.

So, long day.

Good day.

Great day.

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  1. What a busy and fun day for you and the family!! I have faith that you will certainly finish “Under a Dome” – maybe not soon, but someday!!

    Comment by Mauimagic — January 23, 2010 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

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