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December 31, 2009

Came Across This Blog Post

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I haven’t read this entire blog.

In fact, I’ve only read this one post that I am about to give you the link for.

So, if you continue through the blog and find it to be offensive or inappropriate, I’m not taking any responsibility for that.

But, this particular post…it just got me…right here. 

Read it all the way through and I challenge you not to feel it, as well.

Last Day of the Year

The monkeys and I had a great last day of 2009.

We started our day by driving through the snow to ShopRite to do our first shop of 2010.

It was snowing pretty good when we left, and I was a little nervous about the drive home. 

Going down the mountain is nervewracking, but one way or the other, I know I’m getting to the bottom of the hill.

Not to worry…I stopped each time I took a picture.  I can see my parents reading this and imagining me driving and snapping away with my camera, endangering the lives of their grandchildren.  I stopped, then snapped.

We did our first shop of 2010 at ShopRite.  Normally, I shop on Sundays only, but I had a bunch of coupons that expired today, and those items also happened to be on sale, so I decided to go today to get the best deals.  I won’t go back to the store until Sunday, January 10th.  Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my goals for the New Year and one of them is a grocery goal, so you can see what I bought and track our progress on the page I’ll be adding for that goal.

When we got home, the monkeys couldn’t wait to play in the snow. 

So, we bundled them up and out they went.

After getting good and cold and wet in the snow for a few hours, the monkeys came in and had a snack.

After their snack, I gave the boys a haircut, and then they went and had a nice, long, hot bath.  When the boys were done with their bath, Monkey Girl took one.  Normally, she takes showers, but today, she decided she wanted a nice, long, hot bath, too.

After the bath, everyone put on their jammies and I made some chicken noodle soup for lunch.

After the soup, we baked some chocolate chip, chocolate chunk cookies. 

We made two cooling racks full.

By the time I got to the camera this is how many were left:

As you can see, my monkeys love them some cookies.  (I know…I know…I don’t do street slang well…it’s hard for me to sell it…still, I try.)

After cookies, we settled in to watch (oh so appropriately) Curious George, and while we watched, Monkey in the Middle pulled out his second loose tooth. 

Apparently, “eves” are Tooth Fairy nights for us.  Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve…  I hope this doesn’t mean that we have to wait until next Christmas for the next tooth to fall out!

We’re looking at a night of board games, kids movies, popcorn, and general family time.

After the monkeys go to bed, Real Man and I have Extract and Into the Wild to watch.  I’ve heard great things about both, so here’s hoping they’re good.

I hope that however you are spending your New Year’s that you are surrounded by people you love and that you spend the evening smiling!

December 30, 2009

More Visits with Friends

Today, another one of my BFF’s came to see us.

Erin was in town with her girls, visiting her parents, and so they came over today and spent a couple of hours.  We were very happy to see each other.

See our smiling faces?



Okay, well, it has been said that I resemble Ms. Witherspoon and that Erin resembles Ms. Diaz, so I figured, maybe you’d fall for it and think that was us.  Not so much?  Eh…I tried.

Anyway, she got here and I pulled out my banjo and she pulled out her guitar and we enthralled the children with our playing and singing.


Again with the no?

Man, you are a tough crowd. 

Hey, while we’re on the subject of old Victorian photos, have you ever noticed that no one was blonde in the Victorian era?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of a blonde person in one of these photos.  I wonder why that is.  Perhaps because we blondes are just too cheery and full of life for these serious and dour photos. 

Yes, that must be it.

Anyway, it was good to see Erin.

We talked books, which I love.  Erin and I are book friends and are always swapping books and trading stories about good books that we’ve read. 

The monkeys played with her girls, although my Monkey Boys were not having the best day.  Both were pretty tired, due to their getting up at the crack of dawn, and there were many tears and lots of fussing.  Erin’s poor girls probably didn’t know what to make of them.

Erin and I, as moms, knew that it was just a general tiredness and that they’d probably nap once Erin left.  The boys were pretty adamant that they weren’t tired.

After Erin and the girls left, the monkeys and I went to pick up my van, which is now all fixed.  Yeah! 

It took 20-minutes, round-trip.

Need I say more?

Finished the Project

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The craft project I have been alluding to was a quilt that I was making for my brand new nephew!

I started in the fall, before we knew if he would be a boy or a girl.  My brother and sister-in-law are of the same mind as I am…there are very few surprises in life…this is one of them, if you let it be.  So, we didn’t know until he was born that he was a he!

Because I didn’t know, I used a variety of babyish colors for the top, and then after he was born on December 15th, I bought the backing, which I thought was babyish and boyish, all at the same time.

Here is it, the finished product. 

I hope it keeps that little guy warm this winter! 🙂

December 29, 2009

Our Big Trip to the Mall

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Today we went to the mall.

I believe I’ve shared with you my distaste for shopping before. However, although I cut the boys hair, I don’t mess with Monkey Girl’s hair, and it was time for a cut. So, I made the appointment at the kids hair place at the mall, called my Mom and asked her to join us and off we went.

Even with the appointment, they weren’t ready for us when we arrived, so the kids played on the riding machines outside of the “salon.” We didn’t actually give them a dollar for them, but they had just as much fun as if they were moving.


Then, they were ready. Monkey Girl took her seat and let the work commence.

My feeling about her hair is that I let her make her own decisions regarding length. It’s just hair, it will grow back. As she gets older, if she wants to experiment with color, I’m cool with that, too. It’s a non-permanent way for a kid to express their individuality. With hair…anything goes.

Today, she decided to get it chopped off. She wants it short. I’d think to keep it long for the winter and short for the summer, but who am I to buck the logic of an 8-year old. She wants it short.

While she was in the chair, the boys were waiting just outside the door of the “salon” for Grandma, who ran to Macy’s to pick up something.

I think Baby Monkey was meditating.

But, I could be wrong. He could have also been begging the passersby for change. I hope it was meditation.

When it was done, I thought Monkey Girl looked adorable. She was thrilled. Even now, hours later, I keep forgetting about it until I see her and it keeps knocking me over again, how cute that girl is.

Next, we headed to the Hallmark store where my Mom wanted to pick up some thank-you cards.

The monkeys and I waited outside.

While we did, Monkey in the Middle entertained himself by playing a pretend football game. It was Rutgers vs. Utah, and Rutgers won.

Here he is after catching a particularly difficult touchdown pass.

Go Rutgers!

Then, we hit the food court where Grandma bought the monkeys some lunch. While they ate, I ran and used one of my Christmas gift cards.

When I came back, they were all done and we headed to the kiddie playground that this mall has.

The kids love this place. I have no idea why, but they really, really do.

Monkey Girl is starting to feel a little old for it, but she played for awhile before her newfound “maturity” got the better of her. I don’t want that to start already. I want her to be little and not caring about cool forever.

After the playground, we went to get the monkeys each a cookie at Mrs. Fields (which is the real reason the monkeys love the mall.) They sat with Grandma and ate their cookies, like happy little monkeys.

While standing there, watching them devour their sprinkle cookies, I looked up and noticed the name of a new food stand at the mall.

Seriously? Perhaps they should just have a stand that has a bunch of IV lines that simply sends the cholesterol and fat to peoples veins directly. I mean, seriously, just leave out the middle man!

 Again, I say, ick.

Finally, we went through Barnes and Noble, which is on the way out of the mall.

Ahhh…I love you Barnes and Noble. I truly, truly do.

The monkeys headed for the train table, while my Mom shopped.

I get my love of books from both of my parents. When I was a kid, about three or four nights a week, after dinner, we would get in the car and head to the local strip mall and browse a book store called “The Happy Booker.” We would each leave with at least one book each time, and sometimes more than one book each.

My family and book stores are like peaches and cream, peas and pods, milk and honey. We go perfectly together.

While the kids played and my mom shopped, I looked around the kids section and saw that the kids Christmas books were 50% off. So, I picked up 10.

Then, I saw two books in a series that Monkey Girl loves, but she doesn’t have these two yet, so I picked them up to put away for her birthday in February. I also found a cool scratch and sketch pad for Monkey Girl’s birthday.

When my Mom came back, she watched the monkeys at the trains and I bought the stuff using the rest of my Christmas gift card. Great deals, and no money out of my pocket. Gotta love that!

When I came back, my Mom headed to checkout and I started gathering the monkeys.

At this point, Monkey Girl was all mall-ed out.

On the way home, I ran into Target and returned something. So proud of myself that I fought the lure of the aisles on this trip. I went in, returned and walked out.

Then, my Mom stopped at Kohl’s to buy something, but luckily, she knew right what she wanted.

And, when we pulled into the driveway, Baby Monkey was fast asleep.

I picked him up, carried him through the 20 degree weather, laid him on my bed, didn’t even bother to take off his coat, and covered him with the Giants blanket. This was 3 hours ago.

This is what he looked like, as I typed this blog this afternoon:

Let’s face it…malls are exhausting.

December 28, 2009

Last of the Christmas Photos

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I thought I’d share with you some photos from Christmas at Grandpa’s house.  (Grandpa as in Real Man’s Dad…my parents came here for Christmas…on the 26th, we went to my father-in-law.)

As for this first picture:  Doesn’t really need a caption, huh?

Monkey Girl was thrilled with these books.  She loves the 39 Clues series…she had the first 3, now she has the next 2, as well as a clue pack.  Thrilled!

Monkey in the Middle wants to be a policeman when he grows up.  This present made his day!

Baby Monkey wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  Be still my heart!

As of tonight, only our tree remains as evidence of Christmas.  I put away most of the decorations today.

I stand corrected…the tree and Baby Monkey’s stocking.  He rebelled and said that there was no way I was putting away his stocking because Santa might come back.  I could not deter him, so the stocking stayed.  For now.

So, here’s to a great holiday this year, and looking toward an even better one next year.

December 27, 2009

Pretty Girl

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My neice’s 7th birthday party was today.  She was born on Christmas, so for obvious reasons, the party was not on her actual birthday.

They had a face painter at the party. 

She had pages and pages of designs to choose from.

I love what Monkey Girl chose.

I’m currently trying to explain to her why she needs to wash it off before bed.

It’s not a battle I’m winning at the moment, however, I totally understand.

It looks awesome, and I probably would hesitate to wash it off, as well.

However, I’m the one who does the laundry, so in the end, I’d wash it off.

And so will she. 🙂

December 26, 2009

Real Friend

You remember my friend, Kim, from my posts about my best friends from childhood.

She lives in the city, but was in town for the holiday, staying with her parents for a few days.

She stopped by today to see us and it was SO good to see her.

The monkeys were super excited to have her come and they kept asking “Is it 11:30 yet?  Is she here yet?”

Then she arrived, full of life, full of fun.

I miss her.

She played race cars with the kids, let Baby Monkey give her the grand tour of the newly finished bathroom, checked out Monkey Girl’s new American Girl Doll, and chatted with Real Man and I.

She also brought a gift for the kids.

Her best friend from college has had a tough adulthood, full of illness and sadness.  However, nothing stops her or keeps her down.  She has a beautiful family that consists of herself, her husband, and two wonderful little boys.

Every night, before the boys would go to sleep, Kerry would tell the boys stories about their stuffed animals, Lambie and Nightbear.  I don’t remember how the whole situation occurred, but at some point, she was put in contact with someone from Pottery Barn, and they were looking for a children’s book to sell during the holidays, and she wrote down her story, her husband illustrated it and a children’s book was born.

This is just such a wonderful thing to happen to a woman who has suffered so much.

The book is called “Nightbear and Lambie” and here it is:

You can order it here:

It is an adorable story.

Our copy is inscribed: “Sweet Dreams to the Bozza Monkeys”

Gotta love that!

It has also inpsired me to get going again with the writing, or at least with the marketing of what I have already written.  She wasn’t even looking for this to happen, and boom…there it was.  Imagine what can happen with a little effort. 🙂

So, it was a great visit with Kim, and I can’t wait until we can get together again.

I’m thinking of  girl’s weekend in the city.

The monkeys are thinking that Kim needs to come here for a sleepover.

December 25, 2009

Scenes from Christmas

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We celebrated Christmas at our house today.

Whatever you did today, I hope it was relaxing and fun!

Here are some scenes from our Christmas.

December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Excitement

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So, tonight we will have two mystical visitors to our home. 



The Tooth Fairy!

Monkey in the Middle lost his first tooth tonight.  The tooth right next to it is crazy loose as well.  I guarantee the Tooth Fairy is back within the week.

However, for tonight, you cannot even begin to imagine the excitement!

Ignore the scrapes between his eyes.  Basketball injury.  Took a basketball to the face.  Rough sport.

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